The Chinese Precinct Chamber of Commerce is not your average business organisation. The inner city of Brisbane has a unique feel and special demands that are reflected in the business community.

Since its inception in 1989, the Chamber has played a leading role in representing the needs of local business operators. The Chamber knows the constant tensions that can arise between governments, commercial needs and local residents. The practical experience and the combined skills of our members, add up to an organisation that is best-placed to represent local people and their businesses.

The Chamber is involved in a number of focus groups and particular issues that affect the community. These include:

• Markets Committee
• Markets Advisory
• Police Community Liaison
• Urban Renewal Task Force
• Community Safety Group
• Chinese Precinct Mall Advisory Group
• Chinatown Traders
• Chinese Museum
• Chinese Precinct Business Club
• Creative Industries

By participating in one or more focus groups, members have the opportunity to discuss matters of mutual concern and to participate in decisions that will affect a particular industry and the Fortitude Chinese Precinct area as a whole.

Working Committees

The Chinese Precinct Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring that major issues are the focus for the chamber. The management structure includes multiple working committees address the day-to-day operational detail.

These include:

• Administration
• Marketing
• Communication
• Events
• Membership
• Legal, Finance and Compliance
• Safety

Mission Statement

• To ensure that Fortitude Chinese Precinct and surrounding districts remains the premier Chinatown business district
• To be the preferred voice for and on behalf of the business community in the Fortitude Chinese Precinct and districts area;
• To support and encourage all member firms through advice, training, networking and advocacy;
• To foster and promote good business practice and commerce citizenship.

The Vision

• Promotion of the area as a major trade, commerce and industry area.
• Protection of the lawful rights and interests of the commercial and industrial community in Fortitude Chinese Precinct and nearby districts.
• Participation in the community life of the area and expression of the views and the interests of the commercial and industrial community.
• Development of relations of economic co-operation with other regions .
• Presentation of a united voice in resolving issues relating to the business area.